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Alfredo Leopoldo Holzer


Born in Frankfurt, Germany, married into the Cálem family, well established Port producers & shippers . Was passionate about the Douro region and in the early thirties purchased Quinta de Val da Figueira. This property became the central part of the present estate, adjacent vineyards inherited by his wife Julia Cálem make up the total area. The present main house & chapel were built during his lifetime.

Alfredo E. Cálem Hoelzer

1916 - 2007

Spent a life time in the Port trade. And is recognized as one of the most respected Port tasters of his generation.

Worked for over 50 years for Cálem’s was made a Director in the late 1950’s with main responsibility for tasting and blending, taking over the running of the Quinta at an early age.

Almost all the replanting and expansion of the vineyard area of the Quinta were undertaken, in the early 1980’s and 1990’s, through his initiative and under his guidance. As a result some 90% of the vineyards are now reconverted, the remainder being low yield and traditionally planted.

Also in the mid 1980’s with the alteration of the law, which permitted independent growers to sell and export their own brands, the Quinta was one of the first single estates to produce and commercialize Its own brand of 10 Year old Port and Extra dry White Port, drawing from cellared reserves.

The Quinta owes its present status to his shrewd and low profile stewardship.

João Cálem Hoelzer


After 30 years in the Port wine trade and although mainly responsible for the industrial activities in various organizations, was for 22 years a member of the tasting panel team at Crofts and trained in cellar management.

Apart from some years studying and working abroad has now clocked up some 40 harvests at the Quinta.

Took over the day to day running of the Quinta in the mid 1990’s, and as a fulltime occupation from 2009.

Port production remains the backbone of the wine making process, as from 2003 the production of red table wine has been added to our portfolio.

The current harvest on the market is the Quinta 2007 Reserva and the investment focus is on the modernization of our production and storage facility

Fourth Generation

The fourth generation will soon come on stream and is taking a keen interest in all activities concerning the day to day of the Quinta, especially at harvest time.